The most difficult of times are the most molding of times.

If she had never tried she would have never been. There’s a life outside of this, a life outside of the question when? Daily questions surface to the forefront of her mind, why does it hurt, when will it heal, why do my efforts run dry? Her heart grows heavy when things go unrewarded, but she is daily reminded of the truth.

Her ultimate goal isn’t of this earth, but on the lips of her Savior and Lord. She, one day will prance on streets of gold without a question in sight. She will run alongside her heavenly Father no twinge of pain brought to light. There will be dancing and joy without end, she will see Meme and Gigi again.


Trial will come, but this she knows. Her heart is set on who sits on the throne. She wants to embrace every moment, act of service and relationship in this ever-changing space. Each discipline she sees as an opportunity to sharpen her sword.

Her sword is of the spirit, gospel, Savior and Lord, sharper then any double edged sword.

She won’t let: the moments she feels alone, the pain she feels in her muscles and bones, the moments her stomach begins to rupture, the times her mind is crowded with banter, the moments anxiety takes hold of her heart, when satan is loving his throwing of fiery darts.

She may stand in complete exhaustion, but He promises complete rejuvenation. This is her temporary home. She will fight, she will win, her unwavering strength comes from within. When obstacles come she will leap over them as if to try to reach for the sky. Her heart will sing praises instead of sorrow. She will chose joy in midst of pain eroding.

Every day she will take the focus off of herself. She will chose to run and glorify his unchanging and beautiful name.


College has been insanely molding and difficult for me. I am beyond grateful for every single thing I’ve experienced.

All my love,

Carotene Crazy Cook


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