The Me I Feel I have Forgotten. Is She still me?



This Day

I hope to never forget

The moment I leaped

Jumped into my father’s arms

Seconds after

Crossing that finish line.

Red-faced as could be

I had people to believe

Believe in me.

Each lap run,

Pure détermination

For Dad I watched

At his special spots

Each split paced

Far outweighed the last

Better than I’d ever done

Better than any Oklahoman

Had ever run

My club coach I called

To celebrate the news

No surprised to him,

He seemed to know

I am better than befo

How was that me?

How could it be?

It was my identity.

All I lived

All I breathed.


I cannot remember perfectly

The red faced girl I see

Is she still me

Inside of me?

Let me race,

We shall wait

And see


This is me, the first time I broke the State Record for Oklahoma in High School, my junior year.

I ran this race completely alone. On complete faith in my earthly and Heavenly Father, club coach and mother.

God provided such strength for me at this time in my life, as He is now. Yet, it is a different kind of strength for different circumstances in life.

I pray you see that the differing circumstances in your life are worthy of wonder, one cannot compare their walk with their Heavenly Father wishing it was the same as it was a month ago.

Sadly, we are human and we are ever-changing.


He is constant, therefore we must rely on His constant and unwavering love to keep our eyes fixated on Him and our eternity.

All my Love,

Carotene Crazy Cook

Alexandra Davis 


1 thought on “The Me I Feel I have Forgotten. Is She still me?

  1. Bless you you AllyPally.

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