IMG_9517.JPGThe God you experience where YOU are, is the same God across the world.

I experienced this statement said by a dear friend whom I got the chance to know this past week on a mission trip to the U.K.

Believing in God is one thing. Having faith in God is another. Having knowledge, gaining wisdom and then finding understanding of our creator is the next. I will never gain a full understanding of our creator. But I will never be capable to rid my mind of the experience I had with my college ministry in England. We as a group experienced God on a new playing field. We actively pursued His ministry.

He led us, molded us and strengthened us when we had nothing left. This trip was as grueling of a race for me as if I were running an ultra marathon. Yet the gratification and joy is ever lasting and not temporary. My mind was set on Him, I was ready and willing, as was each person surrounding me.


I will never forget the love my heart feels, I will never forget the Power of Prayer. The God that molded the universe and put every detail into place did such intricacy with us. He can daily mold us, are we allowing Him to do his work? Daily we get closer to seeing him face to face.



With your strong hand

You plucked every thorn

Due to your crown

I Indeed

Have a new identity

My skin grew smooth

Overflowed with holy water

All burdens lifted

Its your purpose

To your name be praised

His right hand holds me

Nearest to your chest

In you I find constant rest

I am daily delivered

As Israel was from Pharaoh

You shine as a burning bush

A tasteless world without you

All corners salted

Eternal taste

Running freely




 I ran every day but 3 days on the trip. I didn’t run far, but only to feel good and to experience the neighborhoods, cafes and shops! Note: Majority of people I waved at never waved back.

The craziest thing that has occurred upon my arrival back in the States, I am quite literally feeling the most incredible on my runs then I have in 2 years.

It  does not make any sense, my runs should feel horrific as my jet lag is horribleYet I feel more free, my back and legs are bouncing with glee and I recognize His glory much more easily! Oh man guys, I love to run, and when I run I feel His presence.

I know I left the Baylor Track and Field/Cross Country program but that doesn’t mean I hate the sport. It is one of my favorite things in the entire world.

All my love,

Carotone Crazy Cook



1 thought on “Cactus.

  1. Go Girl! We love you loads but that is a speck of dust compared with God’s love for you. He holds all your tears in a bottle whether Tears of Joy or Tears of sadness. He has recorded them all. He is moved to compassion in your lows and rejoices in your highs. He delights in you always.

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