Dear Yoga,

As it might be evident for those of you who follow my social media accounts, I have this newfound love for yoga. It has done a large amount of healing for my mind, soul and body.


When I speak of “healing”, these are on the terms at which I recognize it in myself.

It has healed me by loving on my body, adding new ways of strengthening, stretching and moving that I had previously never stuck to before.

It has healed me from past seasons of doubt.

It has healed me in ways that I can better overcome anxiety when it comes my way.

It has healed me by allowing me to see life at its purest form and allow Christ to fill every corner of my soul.

It has healed me by allowing me a new and beautiful community as I have recently left one of my favorite communities on planet earth.


To say it bluntly, I have come to the recognition of my own beauty. Not alone physical, though I will not attest that I have become more secure in my own skin, but most generously I will greatly profess to my growth in the beauty of Christ. My identity is in my Savior.

I no longer want to live my days running on emotion and feeling, but on conviction, servitude and willingness for the will of my Lord. That is why I am here, that is why I say these words on my wordpress blog. I desire to reach someone, and help them to see the light of Christ in me.


I am not near the woman God truly desires me to be, but at this very moment as I sit here at Baylor University, I am closer then I have ever have before.


Thank you Yoga.



Shine that light
We were born to glimmer in flight
Take your sweet time
Patience in the shine
Each small journey
Proves you are worthy
Confront each posture
Believe you’re the author
Rejoice in the new
It’s not all about you
Embrace the uncomfortable
Realize you’re vulnerable
Dance in the kitchen
Smile when you’re smitten
Let the tears fall
Remember who answers every call
Fight with faith
In the midst find one to embrace
Find your glow
Light each candle slow

IMG_8910.PNGWith all my love,

Carotene Crazy Cook






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