What is Your Personal Definition of Beauty?

How would we live life if we believed we are truly physically handsome or beautiful?FullSizeRender.jpg

If each of us were completely honest with ourselves, wouldn’t we admit that coming to this simple yet complex conclusion is one of the most difficult tasks to attain?

I hate how absorbed my mind can become when it comes to finding physical beauty. 

It is not the most important aspect of the human life. It easily entangles us. The risks I have seen my closest of friends take to reach their personal “worldly idea” of physical beauty brings me to tears.

It is an addiction that takes many different forms.

The worst thing of all?

This self-created burden can dampen the pure beauty within each of us. My definition of Pure Beauty – the mental, spiritual and emotional aspect within each individual; that shapes every person into their true innate self that which God created them to daily develop into.IMG_8585.JPG

Lets Get Real.

Over the years I have found my worth in attaining a certain physical beauty. Let me point out that every person’s idea can differ greatly. This is a burden I am daily breaking free from.

Our idea of physical beauty should come from treating our bodies as a temples and living a healthy and God fearing life.

We must recognize our skin is not what makes us worthy of any kind of love.

I believe it is true that each of us are called to take huge risks in this life. We must not be tied down by the obsession of our physical beauty. This will hinder our journey greatly. It is one of the most temporary thing on this earth. 

Let us step into the understanding of where our worth lies and chase after our personal life paths.

Our path is carved out for us. It can be very difficult to see especially in the valleys of life, but I can promise you one thing. If you look close enough, He is standing there with is ever-present light.


A light that is brighter then the sun, a light as bright as the Son.

Note: Full Credit for the beautiful photos taken with the large lollipop to Jordan Moss visuals.

Check out her beautiful photographs at jordanmossvisuals.com

Much Love,

Stay Beautiful Within. It will Reflect Without.

Cartone Crazy Cook 


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