6 Concepts for The Young/College Aged.

As a senior at Baylor University, I have had my fair share of hardships. As I have had time to look back on my personal experiences, I am beyond thankful for how I have grown. I am beyond thankful for every hardship experienced.

The start of this semester has by far been the most incredible semester of my entire life in college. Here are 6 concepts I have accumulated in regard to my personal journey. These have led me to lead a healthier mental, emotional and spiritual life has a 22 year old. These concepts have then in turn influenced a healthier physical life for myself. My ideas can be for a college student, or for anyone who may be in their late teens to early twenties, or for one to soon to embark upon a new journey in life.

Six Concepts For The Young/College- Aged.

  • Find contentment where God has us placed.

    • God has each of us placed wherever we are, for whatever span of time, for a purpose. Find joy in that! We are placed in a new physical context, whether our favorite place or not, for a purpose. We are called to seek and find the good, beautiful, spectacular, unique and flawless things in such contexts. How can we discover such things? Keep reading…



      • Journal in the morning. Journal at night. Journal in the middle of the day. Bring it to class. Bring it to the best coffee shop in town. Wherever it may be, Make time.
        • Write about the blessings witnessed, the people met, the amazing pieces of 77% cocoa content dark chocolate you had melted on top of your sweet potato. How did that sweet potato make you feel?
        • These moments we can take of writing down our thoughts, will bring us freedom. In time, this habit can take away any “mental, spiritual or emotional” weight that can easily weigh us down.
        • I generally have my journaling time before I begin my quiet time with the Lord. As I journal about my previous day at 5:30 in the morning on my porch, with my French-pressed coffee mixed with almond milk and cinnamon hand, it soon evolves into a prayer and then I quickly dive into scripture.




Find your Accountability partner(s)


  • Don’t let fear of uncertainty towards an outcome in any given situation, not becoming what you assume it should become, keep you from taking risks. Finding an accountability partner sounds scary, who wants to be pushed, told they are wrong and asked the hard questions? Nobody. But, asking someone to keep you accountable is a necessity to grow, become the woman/man you are born to be.
  • It may take time to find the right person, but when its apparent. God will reveal it.
  • Pour into each other. Love without judgement.




  • Focus on others.


    • To wake up every morning with the thought of how we can serve others changes a person. This has been the case for myself lately, as the Lord has changed me, I feel I wake up with the desire to serve. With the desire to show love. With the desire to hear someone’s troubles, to hear someone story. To cook or bake for a friend.





  • Don’t focus on the past.

    • High school is gone, people will forget what we did and where we came from. It is okay. I know it can be hard to grasp, but it is a new journey we are called to embark on as we step into college. Let us not rely on our past successes to keep us motivated. We must create new goals based on our new life, based on our new friendships and we must find ourselves in step with the Lord’s will.



  • Pray.


    • Don’t overlook this one. This is the most important one of all. We must find a way to honor God in every task we do. Whether the writing of notes in biology class, in the biking to British literature, the going for a run, the consumption of disgusting ramen noodles.
    • We must find time to Pray. Anxiety will strike. C’mon it’s college, Pray. Honor Him by finding time to Pray. He needs our attention, we are his creation, masterpiece, workmanship. Let us show Him we know He is with us. Pray.





P.S. If anyone one needs to talk I’m an email away.



Alexandra Jordan Davis




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