Story Time.


God has been doing some good work in me.

First. I must acknowledge how one person has particularly blessed my life over and over again.

This person is a man who was my club cross country/track coach throughout my high school carer. His name is Terry Jessup, and he continues to be apart of my life as I enter my senior year of college.


I remember the first day I met Terry.

Within that week of meeting Terry, I was introduced to my future and current college coach at Baylor University. Baylor the school where God has molded me through both blessings and hardships.


Back to The Story…

This man who was my club coach always finds a way to bless me.

I have been dealing with lower back/sacrum pain for over a year now.

My running performances have been daily hindered.

As summer break rolled around I assumed that after 2 weeks of  NO running the pain would VANISH… Sadly this was not the case.

As summer school ended four weeks ago, I went to Terry in need of a change; I was done with the daily pain. He sent me to a doctor, who has… (please allow me permission to be a drama queen for a moment), CHANGED my life.


When one constantly runs with a physical aliment, one cannot truly find the joy of the “true running pain” that which we all love to hate.


I have been seeing this doctor for multiple weeks, yet soreness was so great at times that I wanted to give up. But, because this doctor thrives on healing athletes, and helping us find a love for the process in the healing, he listens to me and pushes me to listen to my body.


As one who wants to push my body beyond its capability, as do most distance runners, this has been no easy task. But it is a possible task.


Leading up to this last week, I was very much falling apart on my runs. the soreness and exhaustion from all the new forms of training we had been working on was overwhelming my body.


Every summer I work Terry Jessup’s cross country camp, and it was taking place that following week! I contemplated, feared and doubted I could make it as a counselor, if even run! What scared me most was that paces that which once were easy for me had become burdensome for my body to keep.


I spoke with my doctor, he told me I was silly, and he took care of my burdened body.


In these doubtful moments I turned to scripture.


“Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.” (James 1:2-3)


“Let no one say when he is tempted, ‘I am being tempted by God,’ for God cannot be tempted with evil, and he himself tempts no one. But each person is tempted by his own desire.” (James 1: 13-14)


I then shouted at the top of my lungs as I was sitting on my couch. “Praise the Lord that satan is attacking me, he knows I will be used by God to reach these high school runners! Get behind me satan!”


Then and there I understood the will of God for that next week of my life.



Camp was absolutely wonderful.

Watching the kids learn.


Watching the kids run.

Running with the my group of girls.

Given the gift of co-counseling  with one of my best friends in the world.

Given the opportunity to spend quality time with some of the most incredible, hilarious, encouraging and talented co-counselors in the world!






On a few days of the week, I was given the opportunity to share scripture, my testimony, experiences, and prayers with a few of the kids who desired to listen.

Two incredible counselors stepped alongside me to encourage the kids within this setting as well. Therefore my heart was warm and all the more glad.




Seriously though God did work.


The fact of the matter is, I was given the opportunity to run with some of the best bright-eyed high school kids on the planet. I was capable of encouraging and loving them. Praise the Lord He allowed me to dig for selflessness making this camp the most memorable one yet.


The last day of camp was long run. I remember this day all too clearly in my high school years. It was the most painful run of camp. Who wants to run a 12 mile run after 1 fartlek run, 2 tempos, 2 hill workout sessions and 4 recovery runs? Not me.


I was blessed by the presence of that best friend I spoke of on this blissful long run, did I mention she’s a professional runner? It was such a peaceful run, I hadn’t felt so free in so long. I was capable of encouraging each girl who stayed with us and loving on all of them with an overflowing heart.




To achieve true selflessness within the midst of controversy is an ultimate goal.

To look the interests of others and find bliss when pain strikes is an ultimate goal.

Find hope and love for the process of healing whether its physical, emotional or spiritual.IMG_6373.JPG



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