Do You Remember? Take Time to Think.

“Do you remember the buoyancy to fill your steps after each successful run?

Do you recall the chances you’d take that made every workout fun?


Do you remember the confidence that filled your bones as you put your toe to the line?

Do you recall the place you ran your fastest 5k time?


Do you remember the joy that filled your lungs as your legs could only move faster?

Do you recall the 30 200’s you did that you completely mastered?


Do you recall those pain-less moments within the cool-crisp air?

Do you remember the pain-filled moments that lead you to dig deep and run without a care?


Do you recall the run as the sun rose and the sky turned pink?

Do you remember when your friend or was it you who almost fell over a fire hydrant or was that a mink?


Do you recall the two hour drives to be with your closest friends who let you see why you ran?

Do you remember where your love for running began?

Do tell me, do you recall the last time you said to yourself, I CAN?”IMG_2143.JPG


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