A Challenge: Follow The Recipe.

To begin the new year I have decided to challenge myself.

The Challenge you ask?

Follow Recipes.

As a lover of food, most may  believe that I love to follow recipes.

This is not the case, I am addicted to throwing things into a bowl and praying for success.

I rarely write my creations down & if I find a recipe I like, I take ideas from it and make it my own. Every Time.

My favorite kind of food is breakfast food, THEREFORE I have challenged myself to follow the breakfast recipes of Daphne Oz in her Cookbook: Relish an Adventure in food, style, and everyday fun.


  1. My challenge Begins On Sunday January 10
  2. I will Cook 1-3 of her breakfast recipes in a matter of 10 weeks.
  3. Her Cookbook contains 20 creative & tasteful  breakfast recipes.
  4. I will snap a picture of each creation.
  5. Each recipe cannot be changed due to my insane desire to be creative.

I reflected on my desires to attend Culinary School after Baylor during Christmas break, and I realized I need to learn much…much…much more. Following recipes from my favorite Chefs, such as Daphne Oz, is a great way to achieve such a task! 

I need accountability in order to complete this challenge. Especially being a student & collegiate athlete.

I must admit that I was greatly inspired to do this challenge by one of my favorite movies inspired by a real life event… Julie & Julia.p186815_p_v7_ab.jpg

Bon Appétit


Let the Recipe Following Begin


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