A Life In No Short Stride


Achieving the task of living a life completely focused around raising a family within a loving, supportive and Godly engrossed home is no mindset for any regular set of parents. I know for certain these are not the most common assets because my parents are not the most common parents. My father and mother Joe and Laura Davis raised me in the best home they thought possible. As an only child with two dogs having been in my life to substitute for my missing brothers and sisters, it would not be the complete truth if I were not to say that I have been spoiled most of my life. I gladly received every fragment of aid I thought necessary from these two when it came to academics, athletics, and advice pertaining to friendships or other interests I upheld.

Choosing Baylor is one of the greatest decisions of my life, but do not let me get ahead of myself, coming to college has only allowed me the opportunity to reminiscent more on the past events of my life. Some of my fondest memories are from being as young as five years old playing house. It didn’t matter that I was an only child; the fact of the matter was that I was good at playing alone. I remember playing tea party with my parents and blowing on their tea if it was too hot. I even recall playing dress up with my first dog Fergie. Though the fondest memory of playing house belongs to my father. I radiantly bestowed upon him one of my mother’s beautiful silk knight gowns, a pair of heels and brushed his face with my masterful handiwork of makeup. This memory along with many others from my childhood brings me joy.

As a young girl I attended a Christian private school known as, Oak Hall. I went to Oak Hall from kindergarten until fourth grade, and even though I loved Oak Hall, I wanted to know more than the twelve kids I had in my class every year. I distinctly remember that as the time approached for fourth grade graduation, I had truly begun to love the sport of running. I wanted to leave Oak Hall and attend a public school, one that was known for their runners. This school is known as Plainview Public School. My parents allowed me to transfer schools and my life soon flipped around. Suddenly I was allowed to wear pink, attend classes with new faces and not to mention run in the coveted Plainview uniform. This was one of the best times in my life.

    As I look back on how much I have changed from fifth grade until now I stand amazed at how God could do so many things in such a short amount of time. I attended Plainview Public School until high school. Even though high school may have not gone how I had originally dreamt, I will never regret changing schools. To reinforce how blessed I am to have been given my loving parents; I must talk about my running carrier.

        It all began after my freshman year of high school. I attended a running camp at Baylor University, where I now attend college. At this camp I met a well-respected man named Terry Jessup who was and still is a club running coach. At the time he was also in charge of Baylor Cross Country Camp. Meeting him changed my life; I came to the recognition of how many opportunities there were when it came to running. After camp I began running for his club called the “Dallas Metroplex Striders.” The name says it alone, but the club was based in Dallas, Texas. I am from Oklahoma. Through God’s grace my mother tirelessly dedicated herself to driving me to Dallas every Tuesday night and Saturday morning. Going to these practices allowed me to workout with girls just like me, who wanted to accomplish more than what their high school coach’s thought possible. Seeing Terry each week my sophomore, junior and senior years allowed me to develop as a person and runner. Joining this running club caused major controversy between my coach and team back at home, but I was willing to cause the controversy to achieve my goals.

One of my goals was to run fast enough to get offered a scholarship to run in college, and not any college, but the one and only Baylor University. I was blessed to have my parents throughout this journey; they were with me every step. In scripture Christ says how even through old age, he will carry us. He reminds us that he made us, will sustain us and rescue us (Isaiah 46:4). I have no doubt that through my High School years Christ carried me, and my parents were a true example of His grace.

I am now here at Baylor University, my dream school. It is nothing like I expected, but with every day I am here, it seeps more into my soul. I will forever love Baylor. Though life went by fast, receiving a scholarship to run here was no easy task. One thing that I can easily say is that my parents and Terry Jessup are the main reason as to why I sit in Waco, Texas today. There is nothing more that I can say other than I am blessed beyond belief, God is good and I am a thankful servant of God.


1 thought on “A Life In No Short Stride

  1. Hope to be running at Baylor in 2016!!!!

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